Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Slippers and a warm bowl of soup.......

Yes! I have completed one task and that would be my first attempt at granny square slippers. I had no pattern to follow I just looked at a pair that were given to me many moons ago and it is only recently that I actually realised how they were made. So me being me and loving a challenge I decided 'I can make my own' especially as the lovely slippers I got for Christmas from one of my craft group developed holes form me wearing them all the time. Et voilà my brand new slippers.........

loving the colours and I think they could be the Nike's of the slipper world!

And lastly I finally made a classic on Sunday when I had ants in my pants and could not relax, so I decided to make French onion soup which I ate yesterday with home made croutons and a sprinkling of cheddar cheese (sorry not the classic Gruyère).

This is the last thing I will say! When I have the time I will post the pattern and I am happy to make them for people if you are interested (colours will vary).


  1. Amazing!!! I not only now want some compfhy slippers but a good old stew to go with it! Must still be cold in England... I need a knitted bikini please... Next project chosen! Xx

    1. I can crochet some hot pants?! It was actually snowing that day so it spurred me on to finish the slippers and have the soup as an added bonus.